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What is Little Synth Piano?

We have found for you an extension through which you can get three instrument sounds of piano guitar and drums in one extension. You can play drum and guitar sounds on your PC or laptop with just a browser extension.

What is Little Synth Piano?

Little Synth Piano is a compact and simple-to-use add-on for playing and learning the piano. It is entirely based on web technologies. Using the mouse or built-in keyboard, you can play your favourite sound. Overall, this app is a lightweight and incredibly user-friendly piano and guitar sound or drum software that runs in your browser.

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The Little Synth Piano addon has a number of significant features, some of which are listed below. An overview of this addon follows this. A few words are used in this summary to describe the add-purpose on's and features. The FAQ section follows, which is helpful for learning more about how this add-on functions in your browser. If you couldn't find the answer you were looking for, please fill out the contact form on the homepage or the bug report form on this page to let us know. The form for bug reports is located after the FAQ. It is intended to gather user comments and bugs regarding this add-on. Through this form, users can also request changes or new features. The section after that is where you can leave feedback on this add-on, which makes use of the Facebook comments plugin. Reports sent in via the GitHub website are the subject of the final section. We hope the details on this page will enable you to learn everything you need to know about this addon and give you a better experience with Little Synth Piano.

Little Synth Piano is a fun and straightforward piano app for your PC or MAC. Please fork this addon on GitHub if you want to help with its development and push your updates to a named branch. Additionally, you can read through all the GitHub commit comments.


The built-in keyboard at the top, the keyboard, or the mouse can all be used to play the piano.
Guiter, piano and drum sound all add.
Very small addon that uses no CPU or memory.
enables you to take a complete "Little Synth Piano"
Available for all browsers and platforms.

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Thank you for using Little Synth Piano. Your feedback goes a long way towards making this addon even better. With this feedback and bug report form, you can report bugs or suggest features/enhancements for the functionality or performance of this addon. Please note that this form will be sent to the developer(s) of this addon. You will not get an immediate or personal response at the moment. However, the developer(s) may contact you through the email address provided in this form for further clarifications or to request additional information regarding the reported bug(s).

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