How to stream non stop music on YouTube without any interruptions.

Many times you run away with a great video on YouTube. But come and see that video is automatically paused‌.

Youtube video stop system

Many times, when a big music album is played on YouTube, YouTube automatically paused‌ it.If you want to run YouTube videos continuously, you can download the YouTube Non Stop extension from the Google Chrome Store. With this extension you can watch YouTube videos non-stop.

What is Nonstop for YouTube™

By hearing the name, you understand what this extension does. If you don't understand then let me tell you this extension helps you to play your YouTube videos non stop. Many times you will see that the YouTube video stops automatically after watching, so this extension helps to keep the video running one after the other with the help of this extension. Moreover, this extension also blocks various advertisements on YouTube. Helps to skip YouTube videos ads with YouTube running nonstop.


With this extension you can watch any of your YouTube videos one after the other without any advertisements. With the help of this extension, YouTube videos will continue to play one after the other without stopping. No ads will show until you close. Using this extension is very easy as soon as the extension is installed the extension starts its work.There is no premium version of the extension, this is the only version that is available for everyone.With the help of the extension you will get rid of various banner ads on your YouTube.


The extension removes ads from YouTube videos.
You can watch YouTube videos one after the other without any interruption.
Your youtube videos will play non stop.
It is very easy to use.
Many times we get away with playing a playlist of some song on YouTube and then the YouTube video stops playing after a while. This extension helps to keep the playlist of songs running all the time.

Available for all browsers and platforms.


  1. not work / não funciona

  2. спасибо, не работает ваше расширение.

  3. Под браузером Opera расширение работает очень нестабильно, можно сказать не работает

  4. doesn't work! / no functionar!

  5. Не работает.

  6. С Оперой не работает. Не ставьте

  7. o meu não está funcionando

  8. it doesn't work(

  9. Doesnt work on opera gx but it does on brave and chrome

  10. Youtube now is blocking this extensions, cant possible to see youtube without desabling


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