Yes it's possible to do this with extensions it's very easy but you have to remember that extensions don't take any permission from youtube to do this.

how is that possible?

If you try to skip the video advertisements on YouTube too quickly, you won't be able to. You will be given a certain time i.e. five seconds or when the time limit on YouTube is over। That is, you will complete the task within the allotted time of YouTube. But you can do it very easily with an extension. That extension is Skip Video Ads in YouTube™?.

What is Skip Video Ads in YouTube™?

Skip Video Ads in YouTube™ is an extension that auto skips ads after YouTube provides a skip ad button. It does not block an ad. A browser extension that automates skipping ad on YouTube. This is not an ad blocker; it just automates the process of clicking on the "Skip Ad" button on YouTube.


This is basically useful when you are watching a YouTube video (or a playlist), and an ad starts playing. YouTube allows you to skip the ad after 5 seconds, but if you can't be bothered to click it yourself, this extension clicks that button for you.
Configurations can be set per channel. Did you know: YouTubers are paid 50% of the revenue for any ads playing on their videos. You can use this extension to play ads longer (or not skip) for channels you want to support, or skip them entirely for some.


YouTube banner Ads Hide and Block
Video ads auto skip.
Works in fullscreen mode.
Play any YouTube™ Video without annoying Ads.
Available for all browsers and platforms.


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