How can I work with Extension Source Download?

This add-on is very simple to use. Just add it to your browser and launch the toolbar popup after that. As was already mentioned, you can either manually enter a URL for a Chrome extension in the input field or visit the Chrome Web Store to browse available extensions. You can click on the download buttons (CRX or ZIP) to download the extension to your computer once the URL and ID are prepared in the toolbar popup. You will always see the most recent data rendered in the URL and ID sections of the toolbar popup because the last URL and ID are stored in the memory.

What is Extension Source Download?

You can download the source code for Chrome extensions with the aid of this addon. To add a valid extension URL, open the toolbar popup and enter it in the corresponding input field (top section). You can also find an extension in the Chrome Web Store, open the toolbar popup after finding it, and then navigate there. The input field will be filled with the URL for the currently open tab. The associated extension ID will be extracted and entered in the - Current extension ID - section after the URL has been added. To begin downloading the extension in or.crx formats, please click the - Download as CRX - or - Download as ZIP - buttons. Please be aware that the toolbar popup's progress bar displays the extension's download status at any given time.


It is intended to gather user comments and bugs regarding this add-on. Through this form, users can also request changes or new features. The section after that is where you can leave feedback on this add-on, which makes use of the Facebook comments plugin. Reports sent in via the GitHub website are the subject of the final section. We hope the details on this page will enable you to learn everything you need to know about Extension Source Download and give you a better overall experience.


1. Contains a toolbar popup with a field for adding extension URLs.
2. has the ability to download extensions in ZIP and CRX formats.
3. remembers the ID and URL of the last working Chrome extension.
4. available on all operating systems for the Chrome browser.
5. Very lite and easy to use Extension.
6. Free of charge download extension.

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