Easy way to increase volume in Mozilla Firefox browser

It is possible to increase the volume ie sound of Mozilla Firefox browser by 600%
but how?

How to increase volume by 600%

Only mozilla firefox browser not chrome browser you can increase volume you need to download a volume increase application or extension. There is already an extension in the Mozilla Firefox extension storage called Speaker Booster Pro. Installing it will provide you an option to increase the volume.

What is Speaker Booster?

Utilize your browser's audio capabilities! Turn up the volume to its highest setting and adjust the it on any tab. One of the best and most useful Chrome Sound Booster extensions that you can use to boost the volume of any video or audio content being played in the browser.


Media content, such as video, music, streaming video and audio, and ads, simply rips websites apart today. You need a volume control tool with the ability to set distinct volume settings for each tab if you want to take control of all this sound. You require our volume booster for this.


Increase sound power by more than 600%.
Automatically turn off in standard mode.
With sound booster, you can adjust the volume for each individual tab.
Great on all widely used websites
Recalls previous sound configurations.
A straightforward and fashionable popup window Volume Booster extension with a list of tabs and a volume control. Enjoy as much time as you want to watch and listen to your favourite movies, music, and videos.

Install our volume booster app, recommend it to your friends, and feel free to leave comments or feature requests.


  1. I really wanted this add-on to work, and I'm hoping it can be fixed. That's why I'm reporting - if I didn't care about the thing it attempts to do, I wouldn't even submit this.

    At any rate, I have two issues to report:

    1. It does not work within Reader View, which I often use
    2. I was listening to a podcast just now, tried Speaker Booster, and it had no effect. Next I tried 600% Sound Volume, thinking perhaps that would work. Nothing happened. Then I just attempted to resume the podcast and got an error message to the effect of "this file type is not supported." Refreshed the page and my podcast was OK again. Re-ran the test and got the same result.

    This is not a critical issue, but much of the time, if I try using Speaker Booster after I've started playing content, it takes me back to the beginning rather than just increasing volume from that point.

    If these problems are just a matter of me making some app configuration problems, let me know what settings to try. If the problems are in the queue, try to alert us when the fix has been implemented.

  2. Addendum I submitted my bug request as a comment because the 'report bug' feature...um...didn't work. When I clicked [submit], the button didn't change color, there was no alert, nuttin'

  3. This does NOT do much, but there are other sound boosters that i have and they work

  4. Hiiiii, this does not work and one time i put on music with no sound booster, and it was quiet, I put on the sound booster and waited for it to work and nothing happened. I´m really sad :(

  5. Not a good app. Sound does not increase constantly, and seems to have reduced


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