Introducing the Image Downloader browser extension, the perfect answer to all of your image downloading requirements. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily download and save images from any website using this robust and simple tool. Image Downloader has you covered whether you're browsing widely used image-sharing websites like Instagram, Pinterest, or Flickr or stock photo websites like Shutterstock or iStock.

What is Image Downloader?

Users can quickly and easily download images from websites with the help of an image downloader extension. The ability to download images with a single click is typically provided by these extensions, making it simpler to save images for reference or future use. Users may be able to download multiple images simultaneously thanks to the batch downloading feature of image downloader extensions.


Image Downloader is the ideal tool for bloggers, marketers, and anyone else who needs to download a lot of images for their work or personal use because it allows you to do so quickly and effectively. Image Downloader has you covered whether you're looking for stock photos, product images, or simply want to save your favourite images from the internet.


1. The ability to download multiple images simultaneously in a batch.
2. One-Click Downloading: A button or context menu choice that enables one-click image downloads.
3. Options to change the image quality, file format, and download location are available in the settings menu.
4. Downloading of images in well-liked formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF is possible thanks to the support for multiple image formats.
5. Automatic Image Detection: Automatically recognises and highlights images on a website to make downloading them simpler.
6. User-Friendly Interface: An easy-to-use interface that streamlines and effectively downloads images.
7. Images can be downloaded in the background while visiting other websites thanks to background downloading.
8. Resuming Downloads: The ability to continue a broken down download.
9. Ability to download images from numerous websites, including well-known social media platforms, thanks to support for multiple websites.
10. Very lite and easy to use Extension.

Image Downloader Allow access to search page results Opera

What has happened is that Opera has arrogantly decided to prevent the use of any adblocker or script-blocker addons on search engine results pages. Script-blockers and other dangerous stupidity from Opera's owners can, thankfully, still be disabled in the browser for the time being. Here's a solution...

"For some reason, Opera has decided to add a new extension option that will disable them by default for "search page results" with its most recent update. To enable access to search page results for your addons, navigate to top bar > Menu > Extensions > and then scroll down. It will then function normally once more.
You must carry out this action for every add-on that modifies search engine results.for example…


  1. What about copyright for the images. Are they copyright and royalty free?

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