How to easily search any text on Google Map or Big Map directly.

how is that possible?

You can do this with some extensions. With which you can search for that text on youtube after selecting a specific text in your browser. By right clicking you will see the search option in your menu with the help of which you can search anything on youtube.

How do you do it?

We don't know if you can do this in any other browser but you can do it in Mozilla Firefox browser by downloading an extension called Search for youtube. You can find this Search for youtube extension by searching for addons side of Mozilla Firefox browser. Then as soon as you download and install it, that option will be activated in your menu. And you can search any text or place name very easily on youtube.

What is MapSearch?

You can search on google map or bing map by selecting any address very easily. For that you just need to select the text and right click and go to the menu and click on map search. You can also go to option and select your bin map or google map. Which map you use is up to you, Google Maps is kept as default for now.


Many times we see a specific address or place on a website but we don't know which address or place and its location, we have to use google or bing map for that.We made this extension for you to easily see the location on google or big map directly from that text.With the help of this extender, you can easily select a specific text and find out which location the text belongs to. For that you have to select that text and right click to go to the menu.


This extension usually helps to find location.
selecting any text you can search that text on Google maps or bing maps.
Simply right-click and select - Search selection inGoogle maps or bing maps - from context-menu.
You can search whether the selected text is on Google maps or bing maps.
Very lite and easy to use Extension.
You can search for a person or a place separately on Google maps or bing maps.
Available for all browsers and platforms.

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