Users can examine, modify, and erase the cookies that are stored in their web browsers by using the browser extension Cookie Editor Pro. When you visit websites, little text files called cookies are saved on your computer or other device. They are used to store data like login passwords, preferences, and the contents of shopping carts.

Users can simply manage their cookies using Cookie Editor Pro by examining all of the cookies that are saved in their browser, changing the values, and deleting the ones they no longer require. With the extension's user-friendly interface, users can easily locate the cookies they want to edit or remove.

Why use the Cookie editor extension?

Users can quickly examine, modify, and delete the cookies that have been saved in their browser by using Cookie Editor. This makes it possible to manage cookies quickly and effectively without having to manually search through the browser settings for the cookies you wish to edit or delete.
Cookies have the ability to record private data, including browser history, shopping cart contents, and login passwords. You can quickly remove cookies that hold this information by using Cookie Editor, which will increase your online privacy.
To debug and resolve difficulties with cookies on their websites, web developers can utilise Cookie Editor. For instance, they can use the extension to examine and change the cookie in order to figure out what is wrong if a cookie is not being set properly.
Websites may use cookies to track your online activity, including the websites you visit and the products you buy. You can enhance your online privacy by deleting these tracking cookies using Cookie Editor.

What is Cookie Editor Pro?

A powerful, free, and user-friendly Visual Cookie Editor is Cookie Editor Pro. Manage all the cookies you've stored in your browser, including those from third parties. The user interface is tidy and well-structured.


Cookie Editor Pro offers capabilities including the ability to search for particular cookies, the choice to export and import cookies, and the capacity to safeguard specific cookies from deletion in addition to editing and deleting cookies. For web designers and advanced users who need to swiftly manage their cookies, this makes it the perfect tool.
For everyone who wishes to take charge of their cookies and manage them more effectively, Cookie Editor Pro is an effective and practical plugin.


1. Viewing Cookies: Users have access to a complete list of all cookies that have been saved in their browser, along with details like the name, value, domain, path, and expiration date. 2. Editing Cookies: Users have the ability to modify the values of already-created cookies, changing the data that is stored there. 3. Cookies can be deleted individually or in bulk by users if they no longer need them. 4. Searching for Cookies: Users can use keywords to search for particular cookies, making it simpler for them to locate and modify or delete the cookies they want. 5. Users can export their cookies as a text file and import them into another browser or computer by using this feature. This can be helpful for backing up data or moving cookies between devices. 6. Very lite and easy to use Extension.

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