Yes it can be done. it is possible to automatically delete browsing history and data. Many web browsers have options that let users set them to automatically clear their browsing history, cache, and cookies at predetermined intervals or whenever they close the browser. This can be helpful for security and privacy concerns because it helps to delete any tracking information and restrict access to your browsing history. The settings for this feature are typically located in the "privacy" or "security" section of your browser. You can do this with a browser extension if you want.

What is History Cleaner?

A type of software tool that can be added to a web browser as an extension or add-on is a browser history cleaner extension. These extension primary function is to automatically clear and delete the browser's cache, cookies, history, and other data that might jeopardise a user's security and privacy. For those who frequently use shared or public computers or who want to keep their browsing activity private, using a browser history cleaner extension can be especially helpful.


The history, cache, cookies, and other information that your browser saves while you browse the web can be removed with the aid of a software tool called a browser history cleaner. Since this information can be used to track your online activities or potentially compromise your personal information, the purpose of a browser history cleaner is to improve your privacy and security while using the internet. Browser history cleaners are frequently offered as browser plugins or extensions that can be installed to give your browser additional cleaning capabilities. They might offer options for scheduling cleaning, selecting particular data types to be deleted, and more.


1. the option to automatically delete cookies, cache, history, and other data from your browser at predetermined intervals or when the browser is closed. 2. the capability of creating a cleaning schedule, such as a set minute. 3. It is simple to use for both technical and non-technical users thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. 4. Having the ability to quickly delete browser data will make cleaning go more quickly and effectively. 5. Support for Multiple Web Browsers: Compatibility with a variety of web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. 6. makes sure that the deleted data is securely deleted, making it challenging for others to recover it. 7. removes all traces of your browsing activity, which protects your online privacy. 8. Very lite and easy to use Extension.

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