Why do we need to darken the browser?

We often get so busy on the internet that we don't realize how long we've been staring at the browser. So there is a good news for you. With this extension you can easily protect your eyes from the reflected light from the display. This extension has many more features like skipping ads on youtube. Again depending on your mouse movement it will turn you on and off automatically.

What is The Lights Off?

This extension adds light black layer to all websites including YouTube. That helps protect your eyes a bit. You can control and click on your website while the black layer is on your website. What I mean by this is that even though the layer is on top of your website, you can still control the website over the layer. That way you don't have to close and restart the extension repeatedly.

This will work slightly differently for YouTube. The layer will not affect any video on YouTube, except for this layer, the video will play on YouTube. As a result, you can get more exposure on your YouTube videos.


1. One click on and off.
2. Black layout coating on the display.
3. Has no effect on watching YouTube videos.
4. Control over the layer.
5. available across all operating systems for the browsers.
6. Very lite and easy to use Extension.

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