How to download MHTML?

There are many different ways to save in MHTML format. Some of those formats are very complex and difficult. But the easiest method is with the help of which you can save any webpage in MHTML format. That method is nothing else with the help of an MHTML download extension‌.

What is Save Page as MHTML?

A straightforward add-on called Save Page as MHTML allows you to save any webpage as a single MHTML file. A new file format called MHTML document was created to consolidate all of a website's contents into a single file. Only the Google Chrome browser currently supports this abbreviation for MIME HTML. An MHTML file is a local file that renders exactly like the original web page when opened in a browser. Due to the relative youth of this technology, there may be glitches or problems when saving online material.


The Save Page as MHTML addon has a number of significant features, some of which are listed below. An overview of this addon follows this. A few words are used in this overview to describe the add-purpose on's and characteristics. The FAQ section follows, which is helpful for learning more about how this add-on functions in your browser. If you couldn't find the solution you were looking for, please fill out the contact form on the homepage or the bug report form on this page to let us know. The form for bug reports is located after the FAQ. It is intended to gather user comments and bugs regarding this add-on. Through this form, users can also request changes or new features.


Any webpage can be saved as an MHTML document with a single click.
There are no settings or options.
Very small addon that uses no CPU or memory.
Very lite and easy to use Extension.
accessible across all platforms and browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Opera) (Windows, Linux and Mac).

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