How to translate YouTube video subtitles

It is now possible to change subtitles from German to English with various extensions.

How do you do it?

Many times we find it very difficult to watch youtube tutorials from other countries because we don't understand the language. If there are subtitles and prayers, I can't understand the last subtitle.Then through the subtitle translator extension, we can understand the subtitle by converting the subtitle of our own language.

What is Captions Translater for YouTube™?

With this extension you can read subtitles on YouTube in different languages. With the help of this expression you can translate the subtitles of any video on YouTube. This extension will help you display English language subtitles to German language subtitles without any difficulty. Simply put, this is a youtube subtitle translator extension or caption translator extension. All languages of the world can translate it. If you want, you can watch any other country news with subtitles in your own language.


It is very easy to use as it is used without any complex meaning by switching off and on and setting your preferred language. How to use it? For that first you must download and install it. Then you pin it to your toolbar . Then when you click on the icon of the extension the extension will open sitting first turn it on. Then you open YouTube in your browser and select your extension's translate language. Then you play any video of your YouTube, your video will be subtitle translated. If you have difficulty understanding how to use it, repeat it from the beginning.

How to use it ?

1. Be sure to install it first.
2. If it's not pinned to the toolbar, pin it.
3. Then click on the icon of this extension to turn it on.
4. You select the language you want to subtitle your YouTube video into.
5. Then you open YouTube in your browser and open the video you want to change subtitles.


First of all it will help you translate subtitles on YouTube.
This will help translate any video on YouTube that has subtitle permissions.
Subtitle or Auto Subtitle on youtube helps to translate any subtitle or caption.
It is very easy to use as it does not require any complicated settings to use.
It is very light weight and effective.

Available for all browsers and platforms.


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