A full screen addon is an effective tool that enables you to get the most out of your online viewing. You can minimise outside distractions and concentrate solely on the content of the webpage by utilising a full screen plugin in your web browser. You may fully immerse yourself in the webpage's content when the user interface is hidden, increasing productivity and lowering eye fatigue. Some full screen extensions also offer other capabilities like zoom and customization choices, enabling you to change the webpage's layout to your preference. A full screen extension can help you get the most of your browser and viewing experience whether you're working on a project, studying, or just browsing the internet.

What is FullScreen?

Fullscreen extension allows you to zoom your web pages. This allows you to view your webpage more closely. There is more to do with this extension than just zooming. This extension gives you the option to make your web page full screen. This extension gives you the option to make your web page full screen. With this extension you can open the source code of any website. You can make a duplicate tab of any website. The best feature of the extension is that this extension gives you the option to do dark mode. As a result you can view any web page with dark mode on.

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One of the main benefits of using a full screen extension is that it helps to eliminate distractions. By removing the browser's tabs, address bar, and other interface elements, you can focus solely on the content of the webpage. This can be particularly helpful if you're trying to stay productive while working online, as it can prevent you from getting sidetracked by other websites or tasks.

Many full screen extensions also provide additional features that can further enhance your browsing experience. For example, some extensions allow you to adjust the zoom level of the webpage, making it easier to read or view certain elements. Others provide customization options that allow you to change the background color or font size of the full screen mode.

Overall, a full screen extension can be a valuable addition to your browser if you're looking to maximize your productivity and focus while browsing the internet. By providing a distraction-free viewing experience and additional features, these extensions can help you get the most out of your time online.


1. Web page can be full screen.
2. Web pages can be zoomed to 500%.
3. Dark mode layer.
4. Print, duplicate, source code view option
5. Very lite and easy to use Extension.

How can I download the source code for FullScreen?

It is advised to use Extension Source Download to download the source code for this extension from the Chrome Web Store. With this add-on, you can download the source code to your computer in ZIP or CRX format. If the Firefox download link is available, open it in the Firefox browser. Then, right-click on the "Add to Firefox" button and choose the "Save Link As... " option to download the source code. The file should then be saved in XPI format after selecting the destination folder on your computer. The XPI format can then be renamed to a RAR or ZIP file. You can also download the source code for some extensions using their GitHub repository address.

Reporting Bugs

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